Parable of the Sower

Anytime Art gets a 1on1 session, he always tries to stall on the roller at the beginning of our session and steal extra time between rounds to rest by telling me stories. They can be about anything from delivering babies, to dates with his granddaughter Piper, or even about how much weight he is about to lift. This past week, Art told me the Parable of the Sower in the beginning of Mark chapter 4.

This parable speaks of four kinds of environments that seeds would have been found as the sower spread them. The first is the seed that accidentally slips out of hand and scatters along the path; soon to be eaten by the birds. Second, is the seed that falls into rocky areas with little soil to take root. They sprout quickly, but were soon withered by the sun. Third, is the seed that takes root among thorns and weeds. It is in the soil, but has to compete for water and nutrients; it yields no fruit. Last, the seed that lands in good soil. This seed, obviously, produced the most fruit of all because it was able to take root and was cared for.

As Art continued to use the foam roller, he connected the dots for me on his experiences of fitness (and cherishing every second before doing our “Inchworms!!!!!”)

Some people are like the first seed that falls on the path. They are completely unaware of a need to be strong and able. They take no action.

Others become like the second seed and fall victim to 30-day diets. They sprout quickly and may even see initial progress, but are soon withered when times get “hot.”

The third environment can be compared to overcrowded box gyms where you literally have to compete for equipment and space. Sure, you land in soil, but likely experience limited results.

Finally, there is the fourth environment where a seed produces 30x, 60x, or 100x. Just as a farmer would weed and till the soil, a personal trainer plans your workout and prescribes the intensity to train. Along with encouragement and support, it is easy to grow in this environment.

Which environment do YOU want to grow? What would it look like if your fitness improved by 30x? What about 60x? Is 100x even possible? (Ref Phil 4:13)

Which environment do YOU want to grow?

Dr. Art Boerner

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