Growth Happens Outside Your Comfort Zone

I can’t swim. I am a grown woman that sinks like a rock, or else I flail my arms and legs in an attempt to doggy paddle. I call it swimming; however, most would disagree. Despite that, I committed to a Sprint Triathlon next spring. The first leg of a triathlon is….swimming. I now have two options, learn to swim or do the “don’t drown paddle” for 400 meters. Why? Because I am choosing to push myself outside my comfort zone and learn how to swim.

Margaret hates running. Not just the general dislike for running that most people have; the “running is no fun and I can’t breathe” kind of hate. I am talking full blown panic attacks, tears and entire body muscle cramps. She trained all this past summer to complete a half marathon through Red River Gorge. AND she is also doing a Sprint Triathlon in the spring. Why? Because she continues to push herself waaaaay outside of her comfort zone.

Blake has his dislikes too. Yes, even our very own Superman has his weaknesses. He trains hard to improve his Snatch technique. The snatch is one fluid movement, taking the heaviest possible barbell from ground to overhead in one move. It takes technique, strength and a whole lot of being outside your comfort zone. Just a year and a half ago, Blake had less than poor overhead mobility, which is imperative to a successful snatch. He still has his off days but he continues to pursue a movement he once would not have even considered including in a weightlifting meet. Why? Because he consistently practices getting outside his comfort zone.

The point of these examples is to remind our fellow athletes, you were made for greatness! Progress does not happen in a place of complacency. You will only find growth outside of your comfort zone. 

Kim Delbridge, one of our 413 members, once told me, “the worst that could happen is I fail”. Such wisdom! Identify what you are scared of, what is outside of your comfort zone and identify specifically why you dislike it. Then, pursue it! Tell Blake, Margaret or myself what it is and let us help you chase it!

We have one life to live, live a life of greatness. Push yourself. Do another set, increase your reps, add more weight, move swiftly. Do the thing you think is impossible! The worst that can happen is you fail and that failure helps you set goals for greatness. 

You are strong, you are able! 

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