Put Your Blinders On

Surely you’ve seen race horses on the track, especially if you live where I do…approximately 20 minutes from THE horse race of all horse races…the Kentucky Derby. You’ve probably noticed all of the race horses wear blinders. The blinders are there so the horses can’t see next to them or behind them. The blinders are there to prevent distractions; to keep them looking forward. These blinders are the perfect example of how we should focus on our fitness journey. 

Have you ever started working out, or working on your nutrition and been easily distracted by someone else’s results and let this get you discouraged?  Maybe you have been consistent with working out 3x a week and prioritizing your protein and produce. You get excited that you drop a couple pounds. Then you show up to work the next day and Karen starts talking about how she’s lost 10lbs in 2 weeks. Suddenly you are upset, frustrated, dare I say; jealous? Why is Karen losing more weight than you? Why is she losing faster than you? 

Or maybe you’re in the gym. You are struggling under a dumbbell, trying to get it over your head. You finally do it. You’re so proud of yourself! Then in walks Joe, and puts that same weight over his head, multiple times, with ease. Boom, you’re upset, feeling weak, no more motivation.

It’s so easy for us to compare ourselves to those around us. But I can assure you, we will never reach our full potential if other people are what we are using as our measuring stick. And not only that, but the constant comparison to others will rob us of our own joy. The only person you should be comparing yourself to, is yourself. Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, beat that person today. Be your best YOU, not just good enough to be better than the person beside you. 

Put on your blinders, focus on what is ahead of you.

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