What is “Fitness” to You?

We are one week into January and if you had a goal written up on the board last quarter, chances are you checked it off. Because that’s what our family of goal getters do!

You learned how to jump rope (and got really good at it), some of you ran in races, some improved your push-ups, others put a heavy*** dumbbell over head…with one hand!!!! Some of you even did a handstand for the first time as an adult! A few of you even lost body fat THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS!! You know who you are, and you are an actual unicorn because most ordinary people don’t think doing what you did is possible!

I’ll say it again:

Some people laugh at the idea of losing weight at the end of the year because, well, it’s the holidays. Right? It just happens. Well…now who’s laughing?

If you’ve been coming to 413 for a while, you’ve been seeing progress. You’re getting stronger; you’re getting faster; you’ve got tons more endurance. And you may even enjoy hanging out with a good friend of ours named Sally. But where do you go from here? Eventually, just going to the gym is going to get a little mundane. It happens to the best of us. When this happens, it requires something deep within to stay the course. This is a shout to train intentionally, not just habitually anymore.

“Maybe fitness isn’t measured by a set of numbers. A person’s fitness can be having enough strength and mobility to thrive in their everyday life. Fitness may not be evident by the scale, but the confidence you feel when you go out in public will be.”

Blake Bramer, Owner and Trainer

Now, I want you to pause and think about what being “fit” means to you; it will be different for each person. No matter the reason for you wanting to be physically fit, we know God has called all of us to honor our body as a temple to Him (1 Corinthians 3:16-17).

For me, being fit means I can hike up to 20 miles in the Red River Gorge and turn around that next weekend and compete in a weight lifting competition. For some, it will be feeling sexy for their husband to-be! For others, being fit means having enough confidence to leave their house and not worry about others will think of them. Whoah. And there are others who strive to be strong disciples at work by being physically capable of having the hard conversations that zap the energy out of them.

So how do we measure fitness at 413 Fit Club? How do we keep striving towards 1% Better? We do this with our Fitness Roadmap! Through one week, we will test and measure TEN components of fitness. Most people think you are either a runner, or body builder…but there’s way more to it! And that’s where the roadmap comes in to help you gain a more complete measure of your fitness. Our aim is to show you the many, many ways you’ll progress over a long period of time…and give you other measures of success than what the number on the scale says!

  1. Agility: our ability to start, stop, and change directions. We test this by using the 5-10-5 shuttle for time
  2. Coordination: how well we can sequence movements. We start this test with 60sec of jumping rope for as many as possible. If you clear the first few milestones, it progresses to double unders.
  3. Speed: how fast can you move? Only time will tell! We test this component with the 100m dash.
  4. Power: our ability to produce a bit more UMPH!
  5. Strength: strength can be classified in three ways (functional, absolute, or relative).
  6. Cardiovascular Endurance: this tests your ability to sustain effort – usually for 10min or longer.
  7. Balance: do you have the ability to stabilize in a stagger stance or on a single leg?
  8. Stamina: maybe this is a close measure of mental toughness because it feels like a mental override to command your body to keep going! Our stamina tests can last anywhere from one minute to fifteen minutes
  9. Flexibility: this is a measure of your range of motion through all of your major joints. We have created a special points based system to help you gauge your capabilities.
  10. Body Fat Percentage: Yes, you can expect variability based on your age. But, don’t look for a pass because of your age. Strive to be healthy period. For guys, a healthy adult can range from 13-20%. Strong and healthy ladies should sit around 24-31%.

What is one skill or component of fitness that you would like to improve?

Good: comment on this post with your Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal.
Better: write down your BHAG on a sheet of paper that you will see every day.
Best: write down your BHAG on our goal board that we hold you accountable towards!

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