Twas The Weekend Before Christmas

Twas the weekend before Christmas

And all through the house

Our bank accounts were empty

Can’t even feed a mouse

Buying happiness can be pricey

As my little boy is feisty

The Amazon boxes are on their way

We are freaking out, because of the delay

I am all out of rhymes so it’s time to get real. 

Have you ever told someone to come check out 413 Fit Club only for their rebuttal to be “I can’t afford personal training.” I want to affirm their reasoning. Let’s be real, most people do not have an extra $249 a month. They live paycheck to paycheck and budget on their checking account balance. 

HOWEVER, the average consumer, according to Investopedia, spends on average $920-$885 on Christmas gifts. 24/7 Wallstreet states Americans whose average income is between $40k and $45k, are willing to spend as much on Christmas as those who make between $55k and $64k.

So what gives? We have declared we don’t have the “extra” for ourselves yet we do not bat an eye at forking out hundreds in one month for the sake of telling our friends and family we love them at Christmas. Oh please hear me when I say Christmas is not bad, buying gifts is not bad, splurging is not bad and I am not demonizing gift giving. I am only trying to shed light on the fact that perhaps people can afford training, IF it is a priority. 

If your health and wellness is now a priority, what are you willing to sacrifice to make the extra funds available. Can you cut back on eating out, Starbucks, online shopping, impulse buying, etc? The Simple Dollar states the average American spends $233 per month eating out.  I thought this was crazy so I did a little personal investigating. I went to my own bank statement and found my husband, who is a firefighter and eats out frequently while on shift, spent $125 on fast food in the month of November. (Sorry hunny, but you’re getting put on the Dave Ramsey plan!)

2020 is coming and most people make big audacious goals to live a healthier lifestyle in the New Year. Let 413 walk with you, guide in you that goal setting, and assure that 2020 really is the year you don’t become a statistic that falls off the wagon. If health is a priority, there really is a way.  

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Matthew 6:21

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