The Quickest and Easiest Way to Lose Weight!

Okay, now that I have your attention with that title…let’s talk about sustainability. That’s about the least sexy word you can use in the fitness industry right now (hence why I didn’t title this “Sustainability.”) Especially with every magazine in the supermarket headlined with “drop fat fast!” and multi level marketing companies claiming “3 day detox” and “21 day” cure alls. Online trainers will try to sell you on their “6 week shreds,” “bikini body bootcamps,” and “slim tummy tea;” while everybody else will convince you to cut out ALL carbs and you’ll would drop the weight in no time! All of these things sound like the fastest way to your dream body which is SO tempting. However, all of these things have one commonality …their lack of sustainability. I believe there is a recipe for sustainability in terms of diet and exercise. The recipe includes, accountability, consistency, and a 1% better mentality. That recipe is exactly what we use within the walls of 413 Fit Club. 

Have you ever asked your spouse, or maybe a good friend, to hold you accountable to something? You asked them to help you remember to stay on track with eating better, or making it to the gym 4x/week? It always seems like a good idea…until the moment comes where they actually hold you accountable. I don’t know about you, but when my husband reminds me about how I wanted to eat a little less processed junk just as I’m about to bite into that donut….I’m instantly enraged. Accountability is a great thing and a helpful tool. However, the person WHO is holding you accountable is just ask important. When using personal training, your trainer will notice when you are not there. They will reach out asking where you are. They will ask you how your nutrition is; if you’ve been staying hydrated; if you have been prioritizing recovery. This is literally their job and the reason they are the best accountability partner you can have. There is also an added layer of accountability in small group training because the people you workout with will be wondering where you are too. Sally that works the front desk at the local Globo Gym won’t notice if you have missed 6 days, or 6 months. Choose the right type of accountability. 

The next ingredient seems a little more evident, it is consistency. Sticking to it even when you want to give up. If you slip up and eat some pizza for dinner, don’t accept defeat and wash it down with a gallon of ice cream. Get back on track immediately; you’re only one decision away from a good one. If you don’t feel “motivated” to go to the gym, remind yourself that motivation isn’t the key, consistency is. Go anyways, even if it’s just a light workout to move your body. 

Lastly, the magic sauce to the recipe is the 1% better mentality. If you ever scrolled our instagram or set foot in our door you have probably read “1% better” somewhere. So what does this mean? It means that everyday you focus on improving by 1% in any aspect. Not every training session is going to be a record setting performance. You won’t be perfect with your nutrition everyday. But if you strive to improve just a little, every single day, you will be MUCH farther along. Whether your 1% is just showing up to the gym when you didn’t want to, drinking water when you wanted to reach for the soda, or swapping your fries for broccoli. If you have a mindset of small improvement over time to check off your goals, you will get there much faster than you would with the “all or nothing” mentality. This mindset will help you to not quit due to exhaustion, lack of willpower, or feelings of deprivation. Small incremental improvements over a long period of time are much more do-able than going to extremes. 

So there you have it, the three ingredients to sustainability. Are you ready to do something extreme …and leave the extremes behind? Grab hold of some sustainability to actually stick with it for the long haul by finding some accountability, and showing up consistently everyday to get 1% better! 

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