Thanksgiving 2020

This year Thanksgiving will be a little different for all of us.

2020 has been different to say the least! Many of us have traditions where we talk as a family about something we are thankful for during the year, or take time to reflect on what things that have given us a grateful heart. In a year like none other, we may think that list will be harder to come up with this year, but instead I like to think this year it will be easier to focus on the things that really matter. For me this year has shown the importance of good family and friends, the opportunities to get outside and be active, and my health!

After contracting COVID (all is well now!), it really put into perspective how thankful I am for my health. While quarantining I got a call from the Indiana Department of Health where they went through a 30-minute interview asking all sorts of questions about my case, symptoms, risk factors, etc. As they took me through a long list of things that would put me at a higher risk of harm from the virus it became very apparent that the majority of these were things that exercise and a healthy diet PREVENTED! I was so thankful to go down the list and give an emphatic “no” to each one of them.

We have to think of our health more like an investment account, and stop trying to live paycheck to paycheck with our health.

When we invest consistently on a daily basis, we are prepared when something hits! If we don’t, there are far less ways to get a “loan” on your health. Getting 1% better every day works because there is no such thing as the health lottery! Like the swimming example we had not long ago, all is good when floating on the shallow end but when you get tossed in the deep end, it’s far more reassuring knowing you can swim than hoping a lifeguard can save you.

Lastly, I wanted to say I am so thankful for all of you. Being forced to stay home for 2 weeks and not get to come into the gym showed me what a blessing it is to have the ability to work on my health around so many amazing people. It inspires me and pushes me when I get to see each of you striving to make choices and push yourselves to be better every day. What an amazing opportunity we have to be surrounded by people who build us up and make us better, don’t take it for granted!    

Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful for all of you!

– Isaac B.

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