Six Months Later…

A LOT has happened over the last six months…

We have endured a     w  i   d   e     spectrum of emotions…

In the beginning of March, life for me was the best it had ever been! Things were going great. An absolute gravy train for the Bramer family.

I was peaking in strength for my first national weightlifting competition at American Open 1; I had my wife’s full help and support; business was great and we had record numbers of members. On top of it all, my wife and I were training for a triathlon with a large group of our members.

You can see that I had plenty of good/great moments on a very regular basis with this crew!

On March 16th, 2020 my heart sank when we closed our doors.

What started as two, short weeks has morphed into a completely new way of life: from the way we shop for groceries, to when and where we work.

My initial feelings of shock and hopefulness, soon morphed into resentfulness as I watched “essential” businesses, like liquor and smoke shops, skyrocket in sales. 

Six months later…

And it is time to realize that we should not place our hope in returning “back to normal.”

EVEN IF Covid-19 was overcome with a vaccine that worked, we are still going to have other battles and problems in this life.

Maybe you have already written off 2020. You may be hoping and wishing for 2021 to hurry up and get here already! Don’t wish away part of your life because it is miserable at the moment. Instead, focus on what you are in control of: your response!!!!

Whether you chose to acknowledge it, or not, there are dozens of small decisions every day that can play a big role in how we think and feel.

So I ask you this, 

Are you choosing habits that are going to help you think and feel your best?

If so, share with us two or three things that you do well.

If not, let us provide you with guidance, encouragement, and accountability to help you feel your best.

If you’re already a current member, be encouraged! We will be doing your next goal review session in early October! Many of you have been seeing amazing results and we can’t wait to celebrate with you.

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