Semi-private Training – And Why It’s For YOU!

IMG_4246So you’ve tried the $9.99/month membership to the big box gym. You were ready to CRUSH your goals. You were consistent for about two weeks, you even had the willpower to walk by the pizza that the GYM provided for you (what?…) You hopped on the elliptical several times a week and tried a couple of the “strength” machines. Then…you “fell off the wagon.”  You tried every pill, waist trainer, and 21 day challenge that came your way. You STILL can’t seem to stay consistent. You tell yourself you could never afford a personal trainer and this is all hopeless. However, stay tuned, because I have good news for you. 

The good news is a service called, semi-private training. This type of service allows for you to work with a trainer, but without the hefty price tag. Some of the perks of semi private training include, affordability, expertise and guidance of a knowledgeable trainer, and benefits from training alongside others. 

First things first, affordability. Semi private training runs closer to $25-$45 an hour compared to the national average of $80-$125 an hour for one-on-one training. That makes the semi private option HALF than the price of personal training.  If you WANT to afford it, you can find a way to make it a priority. I’ll even give you a couple hints to help you out, cut out a few $5 lattes and prepare your lunches at home instead of eating out…and I bet you could find the money to invest in your health!

You are probably thinking, if this service is half the cost that you won’t be getting much attention from the trainer. However with only 2-6 people in a session, it is very manageable for the trainer to give you the attention you need and make sure your form is correct. The trainer might not be counting your reps like in a private session, but you’re paying for them to offer programming and their expert eye, not their ability to count to 10, right?  

Lastly, and our most favorite benefit of semi private training, the group aspect. Training alongside other people raises the intensity to another level. Most humans are competitive in nature and you are guaranteed to move a little faster, lift a little heavier, push a little harder and smile a little bigger with others working by your side. The group aspect also provides an added layer of accountability, not only does your trainer expect you to be there, but your new workout buddies do too! And if you find the right gym, the group will be encouraging. There is nothing we love more than listening to our members cheering one another on to finish that last lap, hold that plank a little longer, and squeeze out that final rep. One of my favorite quotes on this subject is from Rick Warren, author of The Daniel Plan, 

“When you have God and a group helping you, you now have far more willpower helping you make positive changes, and you are far more likely to stay consistent”.

So, are you ready to stop the vicious cycle of the starting over? Ready to get a great service that doesn’t break the bank? And make some new friends (or bring your own!)? If so, semi-private training is the best option for you!

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