Qualified Coaches

At 413 Fit Club, our mission is to provide a thriving temple of wellness to our community. We want to be the BRIGHT SPOT of our members’ day; and the foundation of that hope is our qualified coaches to guide and encourage you along the way! Everybody that seeks a gym membership really want more of three things:

  1. Confidence
  2. Energy
  3. Community

BUT…how do you actually achieve these outcomes?

Simply hiring somebody that is a certified personal trainer may not be the best move. Even if they possess years of education to critique your squat form, or hours and hours of sweat equity invested in the gym, they still may not be able to offer you different solutions for all of the “what-if’s” in life.

This is where our qualified coaches excel! Our coaches are willing to go the extra mile to encourage you to stay the course: from high-fives when you’re in class, to sending you text messages when you’re not! After six years working with our members, we now realize that life change can only happen through sustainable habits AND enjoying the way in which you try to become “more fit.”

We want you to show up.

We want you to look forward to coming.

We want you to be long-term minded towards your health.

Our coaches have to do more than just pass a certification exam to earn the privilege to coach you. We make sure our coaches understand the culture inside the doors of 413 by having them complete hours of shadowing other coaches, weekly education, and quarterly evaluations. We want to ensure you have the best experience and we do that by making sure the coch walking with you on this journey truly cares.

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