National Quitter’s Day

I could not believe this was an actual thing until I went to the most trusted research database: Google. Turns out, it is as real as “National Leave the Office Early Day” on June 2nd (you are welcome!). So when Blake asked me to write about this so called “Quitters Day” I had to do some digging on what this annual holiday was all about.

January 19th, the day we celebrate people everywhere giving up on their New Year’s Resolution. I’m baffled. What is the point in making a resolution in the first place if the towel is going to be thrown in just 19 days later? So now not only have people not reached their goal, they are quitters too. Woo hoo! Thanks National Quitters Day. 

I wholeheartedly believe no one makes a resolution with the idea of quitting. Behind every goal and desire to grow is good intention. So where do things go south? The answer lies in one of two places. Either A) the goal was too lofty to begin with or B)there was no clear course of action to attain the end result. 

Here are a few reasons I believe people sweep their resolutions under the rug 19 days after they declared this to be their year: 

  • They bite off more than they can chew. People give up carbs, sugar, sweets, coffee and happiness in one big swoop and find themselves on a path unsustainable for the long run.
  • People believe the lie that losing weight is as easy as Pinterest makes it look with their 30 day, 5-minute fat blasting workouts. Listen up, social media is a liar. END.OF.STORY.
  • People want the magic cure. Investing in detox teas, skinny patches and keto coffees are the easy ways to a 6 pack, no heavy lifting needed. There is no magic pill. NONE. ZILCH. Save your money!
  • The all or nothing mentality creates burn out. Box gyms are flooded with members looking to workout 7x a week, spending hours on the treadmill, eating nothing and never resting. That’s a sure fire way to find yourself completely burned out 19 days into this new life style. When you get tired, learn to rest and possibly reevaluate your course of action, don’t just quit. 
  • Zero accountability. Motivation is a fleeting feeling so if you have not designated a trusted and knowledgeable individual to hold you accountable to your goals, there is a 100% chance you will not push yourself to do the thing you don’t want to do. Accountability is key. 

I declare today, National Reality Check Day! Please ask yourself, “Have I already quit on myself?”

It doesn’t have to be this way. Schedule your success session now to begin your fitness journey! We don’t offer any magic pills, only accountability and a sustainable course of action. 

If you are a current member and you have a friend that needs the guidance and camaraderie you have at 413 we would love to meet them! Bring them to 413 Friends Day, this Saturday, Jan 25th at 9am! Even better, offer to accompany them to a 30 minute Success Session!

This year will be more of the same of last year unless you make some decisions to intentionally disrupt your patterns. Press stop on some things. Press pause on some things. Press reset on somethings. Press start on some things. Ask God to help you. He will. – Christine Cain

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