Hurry Up And…Rest

If you’re reading this, you are likely a current member of 413 Fit Club, so I am going to assume that you’ve already heard us preach the good message on “motivation” as the fleeting feeling it is. But now I ask…

Since you workout regularly, have you done anything to improve your recovery?

Everybody understands the battle just making it to the gym; and eventually working hard (enough) while there. But not everybody is great at prioritizing what to do after they leave. In fact, many people practice habits that are antagonistic to our efforts of improving our fitness  (myself included!)

Today we focus on the habit of resting and recovery. First, where to look in the Bible for scriptural reasons to do so; and second, we will address the importance of putting rest on your schedule as a recurring appointment. Then, we will tell you how to implement your own “good, better, best” scenarios of resting well!

If actions speak louder than words, maybe it is wise of us to consider Jesus’ rhythms just as strongly as we consider His words (commands, parables, etc).

All throughout the Gospel of the New Testament, we can observe the repeated actions of Jesus going into the woods to spend time alone in prayer and grow into the disciple God created Him to become. See more: Matt 14:23, Mark 1:35, Luke 3:21, Luke 6:12, Luke 9:28-29

I know that there was a reason for every single one of Jesus’ actions and that there is something to be learned from this repeated habit; the rhythm of resting frequently!

Luke 5:15 specifically addresses the fact that Jesus performed many miracles of healing as news spread more and more. Then, it is followed in verse 16 stating that He also withdrew “frequently.” Even as He did increasingly more “work,” He remained consistent in resting well. We should be encouraged to follow suit!

As you know, putting your workout on the schedule works wonders! The good news is that the same can be said for your recovery time. Book a recurring appointment on your calendar with yourself for some quiet time! I recommend you do it outside, if possible, with no technology or noise. Just a pad of paper if you prefer to write. A Bible is also good for this time too!

Below are some ideas on how you can start to scale up your recovery and make time to rest regularly:

Good: Walk your neighborhood once a day. You’ll increase your active time for the day, get some fresh air, and vitamin D.

Better: Book a weekly, or monthly, massage! Did you know we now offer massages every Tuesday with Aimee?

Best: Schedule a weekend hiking trip every two or three months with some friends or family. This is putting your fitness to use and making memories with the ones you love!

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