Have No Fear, The 413 Fit Test Is Near

Through all of Elementary school, my favorite day of the year was…field day!! This was hands down the most fun I can remember having, especially at school.

The one day that was intended for me to work as hard as I could and collect some ribbons!!!! Like most people, I claim to be extremely competitive.

However, I compete with myself. Best efforts only. Now, as an adult, I still crave the same competitive opportunities. I need a way to track my overall physical fitness and body composition… And so, the 413 Fit Test was born!

We measure the following:

  1. Body Fat %
  2. Coordination and Speed
  3. Power and Mobility
  4. Strength
  5. Endurance
  6. Grip
  7. Stamina and Mental Tenacity

Long story made short: a single number on the scale at one point in time is not a good measure of success. Rather, we take a look at trends over periods of time to track progress through the seven components listed above.

Some people stress out over this time and will try to skip it completely. Don’t do this!

I want to use this time to encourage you towards the tests that are coming. I want to share a few thoughts to prepare you mentally and physically for the beginning of next week’s training.

First things first. Hydrate well.

Just drink a little more water than you do regularly. No math equations or thinking to it. Drink more for two days leading up to your scheduled Fit Test.

Second, make sure you are not coming in on an empty belly to perform.

Please don’t. We highly discourage you from setting yourself up for failure. This is one thing to avoid doing. If you need more help, our nutrition coach Margaret is ready for you! (We currently have 7 spots available for our nutrition coaching.)

The next one is a bit harder for most people. Get plenty of rest.
If you have to cheat and take some Benadryl, nobody is going to judge you for this. Just find a way to improve your sleep, at least the night before.

BONUS – get great sleep on the day you test as well. Recovering intentionally is nothing to gawk at.

In typical fashion, I saved the best for last. Think great thoughts!
One way to do this is by using affirmative “I am _____” statements; the more, the merrier. Fake it ‘til you make it because the only story we believe, is the one we tell ourselves!

Another way to achieve a growth mindset is by using a sliding scale to measure success instead of a Pass / Fail outcome. Using a sliding scale like “Good, Better, Best” gives us three degrees of positivity to aim towards, as opposed to a 50/50 split between one positive and one negative outcome.

For example:
Good: comment on this post with your Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal.
Better: write down your BHAG on a sheet of paper that you will see every day.
Best: write down your BHAG on our goal board that we hold you accountable towards!

Instead of:
Pass: Read this post and schedule a free intro session!
Fail: Read this post and do nothing.

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