Has God Been Working in 2020?

Yes!! God has still been at work!

Even in a year with as much chaos and change as 2020!

However, not all of His work is easily seen, and it may even take some reflection to be cognizant of what has occurred.

One of my favorite ways to consistently engage with God is through prayer. To do this well, I have found the Echo Prayer app to be particularly helpful. It serves as an alarm clock that reminds me throughout the day to pray different prayers.

Below, I share my Daily Prayer For Trust in God in hopes that it will serve as a source of positivity and encouragement for you to pray expectantly and consistently! I began praying this daily in early 2015 (not too consistently at first…but I stuck with it)! Obviously, it has evolved over a five year span. And even more encouraging is how many times it has been answered for me to be able to change what I ask.


Daily Prayer For Trust in God


Throughout this prayer, I can see the variety of ways that God has been working ahead of me and directing my paths.

Through mid March when we shut down, I have taken much comfort in praying for “peace to be confident in His power that transcends far beyond my own understanding.” In this, I acknowledge that there is a lot that is going to happen outside of my control or influence, but in all situations, I will strive to remain faithful to the fact that God will not strain me beyond my limits or abilities.

Then, once we slowly started to scale back in-person training, we have experienced a growing network of people to build into. As many individuals start to prioritize their health, we get to build stronger disciples that serve in churches, schools, hospitals; others run their own businesses and provide jobs to many others. Through all our members, I believe that Kentuckiana is stronger for our 413 family!

Our members have demonstrated courageous consistency and how to make the best of bad situations. God has demonstrated amazing opportunities of growth and support as many of our staff are going through varying seasons of life! There is so much to be thankful for; I hope and pray that you can have the right perspective to experience God’s blessings for you as well. Some may come as “blessings in disguise” and may appear to be anything but a blessing at first glance.

Just know that God is still working, whether it is readily apparent to us in the moment, or not.


Be strong and courageous my friends!

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