Halfway to Happiness is Health

Depression – Sickness – Health – Fitness – Happiness

Growing up, I watched my mom battle many health issues and depression. I wanted nothing more than my momma to get well. No matter how many visits to the doctor, or medications she took, nothing seemed to have a positive effect. After many years of these same experiences, I decided that I wanted to get in the healthcare field to help people. However, it wasn’t long into my nursing clinicals that I became increasingly frustrated with the amount of medication errors and miscommunication between hospital staff. It was clear that NOBODY wanted to be in the hospital; the nurses felt over worked; the patients felt sick; and I was confused on how I was actually supposed to help.

Fast forward nearly ten years later and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to jump ahead of the problem with a fitness business. Our mission at 413 is to build stronger disciples. Part of that mission aims towards preventing disease / sickness; however, we know that being “fit” isn’t the end game for our members. In fact, most people don’t care if they have a heavy deadlift, or how fast they can run a mile.

They do care about having enough strength and coordination to carry boxes of Christmas decorations from the basement for their wife, or having enough endurance to play with their kids / grandkids. Being “fit” is just one more step in the journey towards living a fruitful lifestyle in which we feel loved by our family and valued in our community for the work we do. There is a significant difference in the way a “fit” person thinks and acts versus one who isn’t. Our level of fitness bleeds into our quality of life by the way we perform every daily activity, to how we feel about ourselves. 

“A healthy person has a thousand wishes. But a sick person only has one: to be well.”

-Naval Ravikant

Throughout the last year, the majority of our focus has been centered on the phrase, “IF you are sick…” Many people have experienced higher levels of stress / anxiety as a result of this mindset. However, we want to be your cheerleaders! Our team at 413 wants to guide and encourage you towards a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Will you join us in living well?

Depression – Sickness – Health – Fitness – Happiness

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