Ditch the “Diet”

Ditch the diet! That is the number one thing I want to encourage people to do. Yes, I am the nutrition coach at 413 Fit Club and I am encouraging people to ditch their diet. And here is why…

Most diets are a marketing scam. Most diets do more harm than good. And the biggest reason of all, most diets aren’t sustainable. So now you’re thinking, how am I supposed to lose weight and get healthy if I don’t diet?! And that is when I swoop in to tell you, IT IS POSSIBLE and it’s not as complicated as the diet industry leads you to believe. 

My approach to nutrition coaching is to slowly hone in on one habit at a time. Things like, eating mindfully; starting to understand and listen to your hunger and fullness cues. Strategies to help with emotional eating. Proper hydration. Adding in more foods (yes, I like to add things, not take things away). Teaching people the importance of each macronutrient, and what they do for your body (yes, EAT that baked potato). Teaching on the importance of micronutrients and how veggies can actually taste great! 

When most people think about working on their nutrition they think, meal prepping / meal plans, always feeling hungry, and depriving themselves of their favorite treats.

“…learning and understanding that I can still treat myself to delicious food and sweet treats without going crazy. I felt more in control of my choices and enjoyed the food I wanted to eat!”

– Jenny W – Holiday Health Challenge Participant

I am here to say NO to all of it! 

I am here to teach you how to eat food that makes you happy and food that makes you healthy, every single day. I want you to know you can go to a restaurant with your family and enjoy it while still practicing healthy habits. Tell you all about how you can go through a drive thru and still get adequate protein for lunch. 

“Coaching has reinforced the idea that proper nutrition isn’t about deprivation.”

– Jeff R – Ongoing Nutrition Coaching Member

If you’re ready to DITCH the diet and put an end to the on again, off again cycle of trying to lose weight and get healthy, book a Fed Up session with me! I would love to chat and see how I could help you!

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