Confidence Pt. 2

Do you realize that your level of confidence is one of the primary factors in how we feel, think, and respond? You’ve probably heard the phrase before that “We are the product of our thoughts,” but have you considered how to think great thoughts? In today’s blog, I am going to share some bible verses that help me shift my focus, actions to make deposits into my confidence account, and how to pray for confidence.

“Have no fear of sudden disaster, or of the ruin, that overtakes the wicked; for the Lord will be at your side and will keep your foot from being snared.”

Proverbs 3:25-26

Recently, my wife and I traveled to south Texas for a few days to explore San Antonio followed by a business conference. It just so happened that they got hammered with the first snow/ice storm in the last 100 years while we were there. Sudden disaster?! I think so.

When have you ever seen palm trees covered in snow?! I hope never, because chances are that area has no means to clear it!

Long story made short: we got four “bonus days” to hang in the hotel room and scavenge for food! Despite all the chaos around us, we actively sought out all the blessings in disguise during our time there. By choosing to focus on the positive (no matter how little there seemed to be…) we were open to feeling God’s presence and protection.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Phillipians 4:13

Through all of our experiences growing up, it seems that we have to work hard to reap a reward. From studying hard in school to earn good grades, remaining consistent in training to build a buffer of health, to communicating consistently to improve our relationships; however, this verse says that we are able because of our confidence in Him to provide us with the ability.

These two verses above paint the picture of the story God wants to write for our lives. Now, we ask ourselves “How do I narrate my life?” If your life were a movie and Morgan Freeman was narrating your thoughts, would they reflect positivity and hope, or neglect and doubt? It is no coincidence that we have phrases around the gym to instill confidence in our work:


Growth happens outside your comfort zone.

Change the narrator’s language, and you can change your life!

Not only do the words we tell ourselves have an impact on our thoughts, actions, and responses, but so do the people we are surrounded by! You’ve also heard the phrase that we are equal to the 5 people we hang around most. Choose wisely.

One of my best buddies owns one of the fastest growing cleaning companies and our interactions bring me SO MUCH confidence in my leadership capabilities. Hearing his stories of growth, challenges, and ambitions level me up by getting me to think bigger!

Find somebody who is smarter, stronger, or playing at a higher level than yourself in some fashion. Then invite them to the gym and adopt them as your grow buddy, you won’t regret it!

The last, and most important, thing I do to build confidence…pray for it! I strongly believe that there is power in prayer; especially when we make it a habit of praying proactively. Below are some quick S.O.S prayers that you can utilize. (I also recommend downloading the Echo Prayer app on your phone to write out some prayers.)

“God, please give me the desire to live wisely and choose good decisions. Surround me with wisdom and learning experiences for growing into all that you created me to be.”

“Please give me peace to be confident in your power that transcends far beyond my own understanding.”

“I ask that no matter how the chips appear to be stacked, that I will be joyful living a simple life and in a constant relationship with You.”

All throughout scripture we are called to be strong and courageous through our confidence that God faithfully provides. Find some verses that shift your thought processes, surround yourself with others that ooze confidence, and of course pray about it!

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