Beating Distraction Season

We are in the time of year that I like to refer to as “Distraction Season.” I think that one of the reasons so many attempts at a fitness life change can seem to be cyclical come with the changing of seasons. In the early months of the year it is easier to stay focused on making some healthy life changes. It is cold and rainy out, the days are shorter, it is a lot easier to get that workout in when there aren’t other things calling your name.

Now, here we are in the middle of summer, aka Distraction Season.

Distraction Season brings out all sorts of options that can make working-out or following your nutrition plan take a back seat. You are spending weekends at the lake, taking family vacation, little league games to attend, last minute invites to meet up at the winery, etc. These are all things that can pop-up and distract you from your goals. But how do we keep focused during this time of year when distractions abound? Below are a few tips to help keep from falling into the Distraction Season trap.

– Fitness is a lifestyle, schedule it. – One thing I quickly learned when working to get back into shape is that distractions will always come up no matter what. At the time I had a job where last minute meetings and after work dinners were common. How do you combat that? For me it meant morning workouts. The boss didn’t call at 6am so that’s when you would find me at the gym. Now I work a job that starts at 6am, so after work it’s on my schedule that I am not free until 7pm; after I hit the trails and/or the gym. Your time at the gym is YOUR time, make it a priority, turn off the phone, and get at it!

– Make Fitness Fun! – Find active hobbies that you love to do. Hard to find time to workout when you’re on vacation, or spending the weekend on the lake? You can start your morning paddle boarding, kayaking, or maybe on a bike ride / hike. There are all kinds of ways you enjoy your time and get a workout in while not “working out.” And you can always opt to get in a quick more traditional workout in with the online workouts from 413! Make your fitness fun and it will never feel like a chore.

– Know your “why” and keep it in front of you. – We all may have a different “why.” Maybe it is to train for a race or competition, PR a certain weight or exercise, or shed a few pounds. What isn’t different for any of us is that we need to keep that why in the forefront of our mind. You can set a daily reminder on your phone, put a sticky note on your bathroom mirror, put your 413 Report Card on the fridge, just whatever works for you. Keep those goals where you are reminded of them often and you will keep working towards them.

The only reason people fail is broken focus.

Isaac B.

Stay focused on your goals, make it a lifestyle, keep it fun, and crush this Distraction Season!

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