2022 Gift Guide

Maybe you’re not sure what to tell your spouse, family, or friends to get you for Christmas. Well…we have you covered if you’re a fitness junkie! Here are our top gifts for the workout enthusiast this year:

1) Foam Roller
We call this the poor man’s massage therapist and boy do we make good use of them! There are two basic options when it comes to selecting a foam roller of your choice. You can opt for a basic foam roller that is about three feet in length OR you can opt for the Mercedes Benz of foam rollers by getting a Rollga.

2) Shoes
Good shoes for training is a must! All shoes are not created equal; and every shoe has a different purpose. For weight training / conditioning, a shoe with a firm bottom is preferred. Cushy running shoes are not ideal because these are very soft and flexible; think: standing on marshmallows. Strength training is best done on a flat, firm surface. Our brand favorites are NoBull’s and Altra’s.
We know buying shoes can be tricky for another person, so the next best idea here is to get a gift card! Go see our friends at Pacers & Racers to get fitted and sized for optimal performance…and a great customer experience…they will kill ya with kindness!

3) Skill Sessions
Already a member of 413? Consider some “Skill Sessions” for some 1on1 time to develop a skill that you’d like to improve! Box jumps, double unders, snatch, clean & jerks, etc.

4) Wellness Coaching
Maybe you’ve hit a plateau in your training progress and need a higher effective dose to tip the scale in your favor. A little extra guidance, encouragement, and accountability is what you need! Wellness coaching is an umbrella of skills to develop from nutrition habits and movement outside of the gym, to sleep quality, and stress management.

5) Socks
A great pair of socks makes for a great day! We love Ballega socks because they have a great cushion and seem to dry pretty quick whether you are lifting, or hiking! Again, go check out Pacers & Racers for a great selection in person.

6) Leggings
This one is for the ladies! My wife is currently on a Vuori kick. If you live local to the 812, go check out Him & Her in downtown New Albany and shop local!

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