2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Nobody brags about being a bad gift giver. Here’s our annual guide to have your fitness junkies grinning from ear to ear all year long!

1. Shoes – because everybody wants to look good while exercising, duh! Don’t be that guy wearing a pair of running shoes while deadlifting. It ain’t pretty.

361 – Quest TR
You can expect a firm shoe with a supportive upper around your foot. The bottoms have great grip. AND the shoe laces even tuck into a compartment in the tongue.

You can purchase these from our friends over at Pacers & Racers, located on Grant Line Rd!

2. Socks – The only thing that is better than putting on a new pair of shoes, is putting on a new pair of socks first!

Balega Hidden Comfort takes the cake for any and all situations. Your only regret with these socks is if you buy just one pair. You can also purchase these from our friends over at Pacers & Racers.

3. Massage Tools – Anybody can go to the gym and beat themselves up. But it takes a special person to do the little things to take care of themselves on a daily basis. Are your legs sore? Back aching? Shoulders, or hips, feeling tight?

Rollga Foam Roller
I give you, the Mercades Benz of foam rollers. These fancy grooves allow for more points of contact and easier to massage the contours of your legs, back, shoulders, etc.

Remember, you cannot OD on foam rolling. Don’t stop til you get enough!

Hand held massage doesn’t get better than this.

4. Restaurant Gift Cards – NOM NOM!

Tan Thai is located on Charlestown Rd near Northside Christian Church. We love eating here because you don’t leave feeling heavy and it has tons of flavor.

Uncommon Cups & Cones for anybody with a sweet tooth!

Favorite flavors:
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
Munchie Madness
Exhausted Parent

5. Hydration – #StopThirstiness because we all need to drink more!

Option A) Buy a Yeti cup to keep your water chilled.

Option B) Buy a HydroJug and hydrate in style!

6. Leggings – Ladies! This one is for YOU!

Athleta Powervita… Super soft, convenient pocket on the sides, and they stay up while you workout. What. More. Do. You. Want?!

7. Fitness Apparel – Did you know that wearing some 413 gear is guaranteed to add 10# to your deadlift?! Okay, not really, but you will look good while doing so! Check out our online shop here.

8. Headbands – Sweating is good, but we prefer to keep it out of our eyes.

If you somehow HAVEN’T heard of Junk headbands; you can thank me now. It means no worries for the rest of your days. Check out the Big Bang Lite for maximal style.

9. Knee Sleeves – If your knees snap, crackle, or pop, these knee sleeves may be a good idea for you!

10. Give the Gift of Health – get your loved one a gift card to 413 Fit Club to get them started with our Foundations program! This is four private sessions to learn all the fitness basics PLUS four weeks of nutrition coaching! Ask any of our coaches or let us know the next time you are in!

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