My Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BHAG)

My first memorable hiking experience didn’t come until I was twenty-three years old. A friend took me on a day trip to the Red River Gorge and I fell in love. Fast forward a few years later and another buddy (more like mentor) invited me to hike a section of the Appalachian Trail. I had none of my own gear; BUT…the ambition was there. I really enjoyed the way my legs burned while climbing hills and how much better I felt during, and after, completing a day’s hike. Again, it was another great experience and I found myself wanting to continue exploring more new places of God’s beautiful creation.

Now, I’ve discovered the FKT community of nut jobs (like me) who document notable trails and their Fastest Known Time. Last March, I got my first FKT by doing two laps of the Adventure Trail in O’Bannon Woods; a total of 54mi. Now, my sights are set on making the first documented 100mi “Out & Back” journey on the Knobstone Trail from Deam Lake. And here’s how I plan on making my attempt!

Cleocatra will *not* be joining me. She is just supervising!

It will be classified as a ” Solo Unsupported” effort. That means I’ll carry all of my food and source all of my water as I go with no assistance from others. My goal is simply to finish. If I had to guess, I’d say it will take me close to 36-40hrs to complete. We’ve been getting plenty of rain, so getting water shouldn’t be a concern this early in the season AND there will be no bugs, or trail overgrowth, to battle; likely just some downed trees from the heavy winds.

In total, I’m packing 9,405cal of dried fruits, trail mix with peanut butter cups, GU gels, oatmeal muffins, and some waffles. Just over 1/3 of those calories will be consumed in a drink mix from my hydro flasks. In the spirit of keeping nice’n round numbers, I’m aiming to eat about 1,000cal and drink 1L per every 10mi.

The Big Stuff

  1. Pack: Salomon XT 15
  2. Shelter: Tarp + one bungee cord
  3. Sticks: Mountainsmith Halite 7075 Trekking Poles 


  1. 1L Smartwater bottle x1
  2. Sawyer water squeeze filter
  3. UD 500ml hydration flasks x2


  1. Google Pixel 4
  2. Zoleo PLB
  3. Coros Pace 2 running watch
  4. Anker Battery Bank
  5. USB charging cords x3
  6. Nitecore Nu25 Headlamp x1
  7. Foxelli Headlamp x1 (back-up)


  1. Buff
  2. Toboggan
  3. Gloves
  4. Compression underwear x2
  5. Running Shorts
  6. The north face Rain pants
  7. Drifit t shirt
  8. Outdoor vitals merino wool lightweight hoodie
  9. Outdoor vitals puffy jacket
  10. Creepers Merino Toe socks x2
  11. Calf compression sleeves
  12. Altra Lone Peaks trail running shoes
  13. Shoe Gaiters

First Aid and Toiletries

  1. Needle (for popping any pesky blisters)
  2. Athletic tape
  3. 3 in 1 antibiotic ointment
  4. Ibuprofen
  5. Body glide
  6. Sh!t tickets
  7. Hand warmers x2

All in, my pack weighs 12.8lbs with water – not including the clothes I plan on wearing. Forecast is looking favorably dry with highs in the 60/70s and lows in the mid 40s!

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